Rosalind Ann Hodges was born 1968 in the rural village of Chipping Ongar, Essex. Her loving childhood was spent with weekends on the banks of the river Blackwater. Freely walking and day dreaming, along the shore line. While her parents sailed the tidal waters, she saw natures visual poetry revealed across those endless stone and clay mud shores.

From 1989, London became the foundations for life and study. The fashion world, working with an award winning designer became the first creative outlet. Then designing and illustrating bespoke stationery, drew the threads closer to painting.

1999, Bequeathed art materials by her father and an introduction to the artist Emily Ball as tutor, later friend & colleague, was the point when painting became an essential part of life and abstract art, started to develop as a natural way to convey her internal dialogue of the landscape. 

Since 2003, The Cape St Vincent natural park, SW Algarve, Portugal, became known as "home". Beach life with her two children, meditation, yoga, healing, and yurt living became the norm. Life shifted, perspectives and values change, finding a richer "abundance in nothing", awakened a deeper hunger for truth authenticity and a deeper connection and commitment to her artwork.

2018 England called for a deeper connection, bringing a new context to life, the busy roads and sallow faces of grey skies, took and immense time to integrate and find beauty within. She solemnly trod the Slad valley in mud clad boots in rain or shine, frost or snow. Knowing that it would eventually yield the connection with the leaf mulch and foot paths and muted misty mornings. The reality is that, she now sees its beauty, but the ocean still calls her home and each return trip, becomes more intense from her absence.

This was and is her true art education, finding the persistence and discipline to find the  ,

key to the dream world with in, listening to the voices of another etheric language and decoding them, working in deep immersion from sun rise, in silence, finding stillness in timeless days.