Buying a painting or print
If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please email me the following;
name of the work
original or Giclee print
list price  
your name
phone number
prefer day/time to chat
On receipt of your email, I will call you to discuss any questions you have regarding the painting and its delivery, or I can also just email you if you prefer.


All the oil paintings in my gallery are for sale (unless marked sold), delivery can be made by courier to any destination at cost. Payment can be made in pounds sterling or euros by direct transfer, these details will be sent on request.
Giclee prints are the highest quality  Archive  reproduction prints, with light fast inks and paper. Each Print is hand signed and numbered, limited edition of 10.


Commissions can be arranged with the client and house visits organised to discuss the details of the work required apon request.
See contact or below
Please note - Buying an original artwork or Glicee print does not qualify you to the ownership of it's copyright.
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