Making art in the forest

Night painter 
Overnight guided art and connection experience

For a full description of Laura's experience of the course, click below

A full immersion dedicated to you, providing space for letting go of the peripheral world and focusing entirely on your stillness and creative response to melding with the woodland elements, spending an afternoon evening night and morning night in the woods, allowing deep immersion,  letting time stand still.

 An over night stay arrive 1pm for a 24hrs woodland painting experience.

Cost £285


Day 1
Prep and 1/2 mile hike to location

Light lunch prepared together

Starting the  process of slowly walking into the woods, taking in the sensory experience, dropping into a more internal connection.

Painting intro, meditation, contemplation, fire ceremony, dance, painting, stillness and rest.

Day 2 

Break fast 

Early walk inhalation/movement

Reflection and art work review

Pack up and return 

It includes  light lunch, prep of light supper and breakfast, packing provisions and overnight stay in tent, guiding and art materials for painting (1x140 x 140cms 300gm aquarelle paper to take hm, more paper available at cost).

The link above describes beautifully, one persons experience of Forest art by night.

Please contact me for further information.