Artist statement

"perhaps the silent voice of the soul"

Her purest education, has been her daily practice, stripping down the noise of the world and the internal dialogue, to listen to the etheric space between herself and nature.

Her work process was found through the persistence to finding the key to the dream world within, decoding shapes and echoes of sounds, working in deep immersion from sun rise, finding stillness in timeless days.

Over the years the work has been stripped down, to the simplest of form, materials and palette. All reduced to work in deep repetitions and therefore deeper understanding of the elements that play their parts; edges and negative space, started to form a foundations of the work, other elements entered to create accentuation or intonation. Works that initially fail (a critic formed from an unwritten criteria), became the permission, to create and expand into new unknown territories.


Painting has become an integral conversation, between her and the elements, Not really a direct visual exchange, more a synergy and response that allows the unpredictability of nature to intervene. She shows her work as that, just her truth, a very personal view of her world.